Realtime Data in a CX Dashboard and Brand Success Points

Use all features of Toolbox Edition and enhance your solution by an extended Dashboard with the option of integrating data streams e. g. from Web Analytics, Customer Surveys or Contact Center Software. Connect these data with Touch Points and the CX Dashboard.

Visualize your customer-related KPIs (e. g. CSI, CES, Net Promoter Score) and combine these to a Brand Control Portal and Customer Experience Management System.

All Customer Experience/Feedback data in a combined CX Dashboard:

  • Record all touchpoints and monitor customer perspectives
  • Powerful Customer Experience¬†Journeys visualization
  • Diagnose, evaulate and optimize Customer Experiences
  • Link all relevant KPIs with Touch Points
  • Different analytics/feedback data streams combined in an all-in-one CX Dashboard
  • Brand monitor portal and dashboard for your Marketing/Sales/Service Management
  • Display Customer Journeys as Swimlane Maps